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Cotton Threads

Cotton threads offer a medium sheen and blend really well for a more traditional finish. Cotton thread is made from twisting the fine fibers from a cotton boll to create a thread. Short, choppy fibers are used in low quality threads which results in more breakage and lint.  

Why Choose King Tut Thread?

King Tut cotton uses only extra long staple  fibers from Egytptian-grown cotton and is processed by a technique called gassing.  It is passed through a flame at high speed to burn off the longest pieces of lint, resulting in a less fuzzy thread. Gassing is also called silk finish or polished cotton. You can tell the difference between a gassed and ungassed thread if you compare the amount of fuzz (lint) between the two threads. 

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Corespun Polyester Threads

This type thread is also know as poly-wrapped poly-core thread.  It is constructed by wrapping spun polyester around a filament polyester core. The result of this dual construction means less time dealing with breakage and puckering and more time finishing  beautiful projects! There is slightly more lint with corespun than traditional poly, but the tensile strength and final results are well worth it.  

Why Choose OMNI and OMNI V?

If you like the strength of corespun technology, but prefer the matte finish of cotton, then this is the thread for you.  It is low-lint, and super strong with a beautiful finish.  Choose OMNI solids or variegated OMNI V.



Filament Polyester

Filament polyester threads are made from long, thin strands of polyester fibers that are twisted together. These threads can easily stretch and recover.  They appear smooth with no lint and can offer a sheen that mimics rayon or silk.  Although strong, they are not as strong as corespun polyester.  

Why Choose Bottom Line, Magnifico and Fantastico?

Unlike most polyester threads, Superior brands are 'heat set' in processing, which eliminates unwanted shrinkage.  It is extra-strength, high-sheen polyester that can handle the speed and tension of longarm quilting.  

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