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Corespun Polyester Threads

This type thread is also know as poly-wrapped poly-core thread.  It is constructed by wrapping spun polyester around a filament polyester core. The result of this dual construction means less time dealing with breakage and puckering and more time finishing  beautiful projects! There is slightly more lint with corespun than traditional poly, but the tensile strength and final results are well worth it.  

Why Choose OMNI and OMNI V?

If you like the strength of corespun technology, but prefer the matte finish of cotton, then this is the thread for you.  It is low-lint, and super strong with a beautiful finish.  Choose OMNI solids or variegated OMNI V.



Filament Polyester

Filament polyester threads are made from long, thin strands of polyester fibers that are twisted together.   Some hear the word filament and incorrectly assume it is monofilament.  Monofilament, which looks like fishing line, is just one type of filament thread. It is a single (mono) strand thread. MonoPoly is an example of a monofilament thread and is an excellent choice for virtually invisible applique'. 

Other filament threads are multiple filaments, which consist of two or three strands twisted together. This is the largest category of filament polyester. Multi-filament strands are smooth and lint free but are not transparent. These threads can easily stretch and recover.  Although strong, they are not as strong as corespun polyester.  

Why Choose MonoPoly, SoFine, and Bottom Line?

Unlike most polyester threads, Superior brands are 'heat set' in processing, which eliminates unwanted shrinkage.  The advantage of a lint-free thread is a cleaner machine and less maintenance.  These threads are used  by many professional quilters and provides stunning, show quality results.

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